Sad News: Received a request to remove the images containing Calvin & Hobbes.

via: Andrews McMeel Universal (Publisher of Calvin and Hobbes)

Regarding this blog, and the use of Calvin and Hobbes in my artwork:


Hi Michael,

Thanks for your inquiry.

I’m sorry to say that it is our view that what you’re doing is in violation of the copyright of Calvin & Hobbes. This is no reflection on the artistic merit of what you’ve done and certainly not a personal condemnation of the pieces you’ve created.

We’re protective of the copyright for a variety of reasons, most importantly it is the express and unwavering wish of the creator that any use of Calvin and Hobbes was limited to work he’d created and in very specific formats.

Because that is the case, we would politely request that you take down the works you’ve created that contain any Calvin and Hobbes images.

You look to be an outstanding artist and we wish you the best in your future endeavors.


John Glynn
Universal Uclick

Andrews McMeel Universal


That said… I’ll be removing the images from “tumblr” now to avoid account deletion, please stay tuned while I work out the details of where to go from here.  I would “presume” fan art has various freedoms, so I may need to begin drawing my own Calvins’ and Hobbes’ …or collaborate with someone interested in helping make this project continue.

Thank you everyone for your support.  I’m sorry it came to this… but c’est la vie!  We don’t always get what we would like in life… in fact, more often than not we get very little of what we want.

- Michael / Nite4awk

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    You are fully protected by the parody act in doing fan art, so long as you’re not making money (like selling prints)...
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    shame, but Watterson was really...- never even licensed it for merchandise. I do have
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    UGH. This is so sad. Such amazing artwork. While I do appreciate the copyright issues, and in turn appreciate this...
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